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Deer by Kotama Bouabane. $0.00 USD, 2010, photography, 22 in x 17 in x 0 in (WxHxD), reproduction. Kotama Bouabane "Deer", 2010 c-print 17" x 22" About the artist: Kotama Bouabane approaches his trade show-based photograph series with humour while alighting upon interesting and thoughtful comparisons.  The artist perceives the installations observed as metaphors for humans’ most idealised rituals: marriage, domesticity, and profession.  Removed from their original context, these pictured scenarios seem uncanny, artificial, and defamiliarized, a further commentary by Bouabane on the allusions he is drawing.  The artist’s other bodies of photography feature the same calibre of absurdist wit mixed with poignant observation of life’s actualities, such as words spoken during departure from a romantic relationship, indigenous identity, and the bare necessity of sleep.  Each scenario captured renders strange or unrecognizable the objects therein, startling the viewer.  Description: I’ve been photographing various trade shows in Montreal that range from Le Salon International De L’Auto, Salon de la Mariée and Salon National de la Pourvoirie, Chasse et Pêche. The installations at the trade shows act as sets and backdrops that are important in alluding to idealized social conventions like marriage, home and profession as artificial, alienating and phantasmagoric. The construction of each space utilizes objects that are familiar yet presented almost as artifacts that become uncanny and dislocated. The production of lifestyle and leisure are put onto display by highly choreographed scenarios.”

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Kotama Bouabane



Year: 2010

Medium: photography

Size: 22.0 in x 17.0 in x 0 in (56 cm x 43 cm x 0 cm)

Type: reproduction


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